The NFI diet has been designed in such a way that when followed it can restore health to anyone who is willing to make a serious change in their lives, even when they think it may no longer be possible to do so. Because of this it is our goal to make it available to the main stream population.

It is a program that has proven results of over 95% percent success rate in achieving a sustainable type 2 diabetes remission within a few months. Not only that, the other benefits that have been noted are when following the program, you experience far better blood pressure and you will find your cholesterol levels drop dramatically if high, whilst losing excess weight and never feeling hungry. Because of this we believe the NFI diet protocol can change the lives of tens of thousands of people.

NFI diet plans

The NFI plans have been specifically designed to target excessive lipids and fats with in the body, it is what we call “targeted chemistry”. If you choose a personally tailor NFI diet plan and follow it exactly as it has been generated for you, within days you will begin to see results. Every NFI diet plan has been specifically tailored for an individual on a case by case basis. It is designed and updated every two weeks based on your personal calendar that can be found in your admin centre after registration.

Due to the effectiveness of the NFI diet plans, every two weeks a new plan must be generated to account for the changes in any specific individual. Please note at day 12 at the latest, you must submit your new weight via our online personal admin centre, at this point please also update any other information you feel is relevant via your personal account so that when you are ready a new plan can be calculated exactly and precisely.

Registration on our web site is free. Once you have created your personal account and completed the simple data form, you will immediately be able to purchase your plan for the first two weeks. Your NFI plan will then be sent directly to your registering email, within 24 hours in PDF format. A maximum of 24 hours is required before issuing to ensure that all data has been entered correctly prior to emailing a fully personalised diet plan. Normally this is only a few hours but in extremely busy periods can be up to one day.

The price for your personalized NFI Protocol for two weeks is:

39, -EUR

From everyone at the NFI team, we wish you all success on the road to reaching your goals and a healthy lifestyle.

What Client Say


I tried the diet purely for weight loss, only for a couple of weeks to see if I could benefit losing a few pounds! I did two weeks later I was 9lb lighter!


A very different diet, some of the foods are really basic but seems to work. I lost 5kg.

NFI Diet plan for You