Example: NFI Diet - Day 2


  • - One portion of gluten free rolled oats with chia seeds (one table spoon), covered in soya or almond milk, hand full of blue berries.

  • - Fresh lemon tea (freshly squeezed).


  • - Strip of raw red, yellow and green pepper. Eat as much as you want.


  • - Hummus any sort (no added sugar is extremely important here) eat it with green and yellow pepper strips and a salad with pieces of cucumber and raw spinach leaves mixed with dark green salad leaves. One small brown cob (Gluten free) or gluten free brown bread if wanted.

  • - Hand full of walnuts 4-5


  • - Boiled brown rice one packet. With cauliflower, boiled broccoli, courgettes, onion and mixed peppers (red, yellow and green) with tomato sauce in a pan with tofu..

  • - Fresh lemon tea (freshly squeezed).


  • - Two oranges if wanted.

  • - Minimum of 2 litres of water throughout the day or more if wanted.

NFI Diet plan for You