Example: NFI Diet - Day 1


  • - One portion of Ready Brek with chia seeds (one table spoon), covered in soya or almond milk, hand full of blue berries.

  • - Fresh lemon tea (freshly squeezed).


  • - Strip of raw red, yellow and green pepper. Eat as much as you want.

  • - One hand full of blue berries.


  • - Baked aubergine, stuffed with brown rice, yellow and red pepper and onions. Can add parsley to top if wanted.

  • - Small side of cucumber pieces (as much as you want).

  • - Fruit tea if wanted.


  • - Quinoa mixed salad, dark green leaves, cucumber, spring onion, green pepper strips, spinach leaves (raw) hand full of walnuts. 10 pine nuts.


  • - Celery sticks, one banana and one small orange.

  • - Minimum of 2 litres of water throughout the day or more if wanted.

NFI Diet plan for You