About Us

We are both working in professional careers but from very different back grounds. Due to our shared interested in Type 2 diabetes we found ourselves discussing potential options on various ways to tackle this terrible disease.

Over a period of two years, we developed using only natural foods, specific chemical targeting regimes within the body, meaning that when certain foods are consumed within specific orders and at specific timings they work naturally within the body to target excessive lipids and allow the nature cycle within ourselves to remove these fat deposits.

Over a short period of time you immediately start to see improvements in weight, cholesterol, blood pressure and most importantly blood glucose levels.

I myself work in process engineering and effiecncy improvements within processes. Whilst my co-founder has a Masters degree in Biology and is currently working as a biochemist and has studied nutrition separately.

Using both of our skill sets we have developed a series of personally tailored Natural Food interaction diet (NFI diet) plans to offer to you.

The plans are fully nutritionally balanced and are specifically designed to target excessive lipids within the body.

Like any company we have long term goals, ours is simple, that is offering our product that we believe to be unique to people who wish to achieve their personal goals, be it weight loss or Type 2 diabetes remission.