Clinical Studies


In October 2018 with meet with a research professor at Imperial College London, where we outlined our diet and explained the results we have achieved. It was agreed then that we would build an out lay and move to a pilot study in 2019. Currently the program is still in the initial phases and when it is published we will update everyone accordingly.


Late last year we meet with Professor Martinka MD. PhD in the National Institute for Diabetes in Slovakia ( He had been presented by his diabetic doctors results of patients that have been treated with the NFI diet. During our meeting it was agreed that in Jan 2019, we would return and begin a 100 patient trial of the diet with suitable candidates based at NEDU in L’ubochna in Slovakia. This week on the 08.01.19 we began the education and recruitment of patients within the clinic, working directly with the professor and his medical staff. We have now started to successfully recruit patients and we will post updates as the progress continues.

What Client Say


I tried the diet purely for weight loss, only for a couple of weeks to see if I could benefit losing a few pounds! I did two weeks later I was 9lb lighter!


A very different diet, some of the foods are really basic but seems to work. I lost 5kg.

NFI Diet plan for You