NFI Diet Plans

How the NFI Diet works

NFI stands for “Natural Food Interaction” and Interaction is the key word when explaining how the diet works.

The NFI diet is a step forward in balanced interaction between natural food types. We have taken 1000’s of food groups and cross-referenced the chemical compounds within each of them to create an environment in the body which promotes faster metabolism and targets lipids around your internal organs (liver and pancreas) and especially the tiny lipid particles covering the insulin receptors which are a main cause of Insulin resistance.

The diet consists predominately of beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables.

Below we have written a simple example of how the diet works. When consuming brown rice and black beans as a main meal. Brown rice contains chemical “A” which on its own doesn’t effect lipid saturation within your body. Black beans contains chemical “B” which also on its own doesn’t effect lipid saturation within your body. However a different chemical is formed during the digestion process when these two foods are ingested together at the same time and the result is the formation of a new chemical “C” which is created naturally within the body.

This new naturally formed chemical ‘C” however has a very strong effect on lipid saturation and binds to the tiny lipid particles covering the insulin receptors and starts to enable the body to break it down. As this process is repeated over and over the lipid saturation in the body is consistently reduced as our diet has been specifically designed to target these tiny lipid particles covering the insulin receptors.

How NFI Diabetes Type 2 Remission Plans work

Over a short period of time typically 12-20 weeks, the consistent repeating of the process removes the tiny lipid particles from the body and reverses type 2 diabetes. This is without any additional medical intervention and consistently reducing your current medication until you stop taking it completely. Also you will never starve yourself during the diet as you can eat unlimited amounts at meal times of the stated foods on the diet.

Often doctors are telling you to lose weight and the result is you will improve your condition. Yes, you may improve your condition with weight loss alone, but the chances are very small that you will actually achieve any significant internal lipid saturation reduction.

In essence you can lose the weight, but you will still just be a slimmer diabetic, with marginally improved blood sugar levels.

The NFI Diet consists of a two week rolling specifically tailored and individually designed diet plan. The two weeks plans which are fully nutritionally balanced (no need for any supplements) and is not calorie restricted in anyway.

As long as you follow your tailored diet correctly, you do not need to count your calories, will have no concerns about vitamin or mineral deficiencies and you will be losing weight naturally without even realising it.

We know that many people with Diabetes have a problem to exercise, due to their condition. It is not necessary to exercise for the NFI diet to work, but low to moderate exercise will of course speed up the process towards sustained remission and controlled blood sugar levels.

How NFI Weight Loss Plans work

Naturally how the NFI diet works, made us look at also designing a further range of NFI diet plans for sustained and healthy weight loss in non diabetic adults.

These plans are for adults who also wish to improve their overall health and lose weight in a relatively short period of time, typically this would be in the range of 12-22 pounds (5-10kg) in 4 weeks for any given individual.

Instructions on how to follow the NFI diet

It is very important to input the exact data measurements that are requested during the set up phase, this includes height and weight as an example.

If the data inputed is not accurate it will make the process of the NFI diet far slower and not as efficient.

Upon log in please record your measurements to the online forms provided, as this will allow both you and us to follow your progress and assist in the creation of further accurately tailored Diet plans during the course of your diet. Due to the changes in your weight and potentially other data points, the plans will need to be recalculated every two weeks to ensure that you get maximum improvement during the following next two weeks. This specific tailoring is important to keep the progress to eventual full blood sugar control within that of a normal range of an heathy adult and sustained weight loss.

The plan has to be followed exactly, what ever is written on the diet plan has to be eaten. You do not have to always eat the exact prescribed amounts but you must consumer what is on the plane to get the benefits of the course. An example of this would be if an orange is on a specific meal plan, eat at least half of it, if you can not eat all of it. The reasons for this are the chemicals present in the orange will not be present in your body if you do not eat them and subsequently as they will be missing means you will not get the desired chemical effect after that meal.

The order of the days that are specifically prepared must be followed in their exact order, for example eating an avocado on Monday will supply your body with a specifically desired chemical compounds which will be needed on Tuesday to boost the reaction between another two food groups.

From a meal timing point of view, it is also important not to swap lunch with dinner for the same reasons. Each meal has to be eaten in the specifically given order, generated on your tailor diet plan.

Important note:

All our plans contain small amounts of nuts from time to time during the course. Nuts can not be omitted from the plan otherwise it will not be nutritionally balanced.

After completion of the diet:

When you have completed your tailored NFI diet course. You will have a new knowledge of how to make the right food choices for yourself. Which will allow you to sustained your already achieve result.

Examples 0f NFI Diet

The examples below are just for your information and not specific to you directly. They are published here to give you an idea of what a tailored NFI diet plan will look like after they have been generated for you specifically.

You can try them if you wish, but they are not going to have any significant effect on your weight loss or Type 2 Diabetes Remission as NFI diet has to be tailored to the individuals BMI and other key parameters.

What Client Say


I tried the diet purely for weight loss, only for a couple of weeks to see if I could benefit losing a few pounds! I did two weeks later I was 9lb lighter!


A very different diet, some of the foods are really basic but seems to work. I lost 5kg.

NFI Diet plan for You