Example: NFI Diet - Day 3


  • - One portion of Ready Brek with chia seeds (one table spoon), covered in soya or almond milk, hand full of blue berries.

  • - Fruit tea or lemon tea maximum of 200ml before lunch.

  • - Drink a minimum of 200ml of water before lunch.


  • - One orange.


  • - Red kidney beans, broccoli (80g), mixed peppers, brown mushrooms and tofu cooked in a pan with tomato passata. Serve with brown pasta maximum 80 grams.


  • - Lentil soup with vegetable stock and parsley for seasoning.

  • - Buckwheat mixed with broccoli and green beans.

  • - Hand full of blue berries and fruit tea if wanted.

  • - Unlimited fruit tea throughout the day, make sure there is no sugar in the fruit tea.

  • - Minimum of 2 litres of water throughout the day.

NFI Diet plan for You