Patient in Slovakia

“I am a 61 year old male, who was a heavy guy and a Type 2 diabetic for 29 years, with my disease continually worsening. I started like most people on tablet medication and after about 15 years progressed to a stage of needing to inject rapid insulin three times a day. My blood pressure was really high, I had both elevated cholesterol and triglycerides, and worst of all I had started to experience neuropathy in my left leg. My health was in real decline…

Peter before and after NFI
Peter - before and after following NFI Protocol.

At this point I came across the NFI diet, I met with the founders and consulted my diabetic doctor who had knowledge of this diet previously and advised me to try it. I did so, it is a real change to what I was used too (which honestly was previously not the best diet out there) but I stuck at it and after only a week I started to see weight loss and little more control over my blood sugar. So I decided to follow it for a few more weeks and began recording my results daily.

The next two weeks I continued to improve, I lost more weight and found my blood glucose was really improving. I went to my doctor and she advised me to reduce my medication and I had a full check up, my results showed good improvement. Importantly, my blood sugar was now on average 2 points lower per reading and my weight had been reduced now by over 6kg and in only two weeks!

I stayed by the diet and with the help of my doctor continued to reduce my medications. Then at 12 weeks my big breakthrough came, I returned for another full check up and found out that my HbA1C was 5.2% and my total weight loss had reached just over 20kg. This was really incredible for me. I also had the added benefit at this appointment of removing my blood pressure and cholesterol tablets as they were both within normal range. I stayed by the diet in total for 21 weeks, I now no longer take any form of diabetes medication for over 3 months.

My last HbA1c reading was 5.0% which is within the normal range. I can honestly recommend the diet to anyone, just stick to it and it will work for you. Good luck and I hope you try it.”


What Client Say


I tried the diet purely for weight loss, only for a couple of weeks to see if I could benefit losing a few pounds! I did two weeks later I was 9lb lighter!


A very different diet, some of the foods are really basic but seems to work. I lost 5kg.

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