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Welcome to our website, it has been dedicated to everyone who suffer from Type 2 Diabetics or who are pre-diabetics as well as every healthy individual who just struggles to lose weight.

The NFI diet plans have been carefully designed to support your body nutritionally even if you have had a previously imbalanced diet or been following a nutrient deficient diet. All NFI diet plans wether they are for Type 2 diabetes remission, pre diabetes or generalised weight loss will be personally tailored to meet your individual requirements.

No doubt you have already read numerous articles about reversing Type 2 diabetes and by now the evidence is overwhelming that it is possible to achieve it through dietary change.

However most of the articles tend to agree on one similar point: A person suffering from Type 2 diabetes will have to loose their excessive body weight and when this is achieved, your blood sugar will naturally fall to that of a healthy individual. What commonly is failed to be explained is that even with substantial weight loss, numerous people (in fact the majority of people) never actually achieve any form of remission whatsoever.

However, whilst reading these types of articles. For example: A low calorie diet or other low carbohydrate diets, you have probably found yourself asking yourself some of the following questions:

What is the chance of a yo-yo effect after the diet?
So really, what are the chances that a diet of this type will actually work for me?
I have tried other diets before what is different about this one?

The Natural Food Interaction Diet (NFI diet) will allow you to eat what you want and as a much as you want each day, providing it is written on the plan. It is a personally tailored plan designed to give any person a sufficient and well balanced diet containing all the nutrient and minerals that you require and does not have any yo-yo effect whilst on the diet due to its specific tailoring to an individual. As the NFI diet resets your body and your eating habits during the tailored programme we have found that the majority of people never switch back to their old eating habits and in turn allows you to be in charge of your own diet moving forwards after completion of your specifically tailored course. For patients suffering with type 2 diabetes, this is after achieving Type 2 diabetes remission or for those people who are over weight, controlling and managing a sustained weight loss dependant on which NFI diet plan you have chosen to follow

So we want to explain our understanding of what Type 2 diabetes actually is.

We as the founders of the NFI diet believe that Type 2 diabetes is reversible in more than 95% of all cases. The remaining 5% is mainly caused by pancreatic burn out (when the pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin to control your blood glucose) which is a common side effect of being a long term type 2 diabetic. However even if you are one of the very unfortunate people who have this issue, if you follow our specifically tailored diet you will still make significant improvements to your health in numerous ways, even if you are one of the unfortunate people to have pancreatic burnout and Type 2 diabetes.

From our studies we believe that the main cause of Type 2 diabetes or as it is known as a “lifestyle disease”. Is the excessive build up of fats (lipids) coating the muscle and organ tissues within the body, specifically the insulin receptors on any tissue or organ cell.

What causes Type 2. Diabetes?
What causes type 2 diabetes? This PowerPoint slide is from the NFI presentation for diabetic patients.

This prevents the insulin that has been produced by your own pancreas to bind to insulin receptors of the body cells. Because this bonding of insulin on the insulin receptor works much like a key in a lock which opens the door for glucose from your blood stream to enter inside, if those receptors are clogged by intramyocellular lipid particles, the key will not work in the lock and the door will not open so to speak. This will then prevent the glucose from entering the cells and in turn this pushes the glucose back into the blood raising the blood sugar levels and this creates what is commonly known as Type 2 diabetes.

What is diabetes Type 2 remission?

As you are no doubt aware, the journey to Type 2 remission is really just the beginning. What every one is actually aspiring too is sustained longterm remission. The word remission is a highly debated topic at the moment and a better understanding and definition is clearly needed. In our opinion it is a person who has had Type 2 diabetes and no longer does. It means that person has no medication requirements and his or her blood glucose is that of a normal healthy individual

Whilst designing our NFI diet we took into account that “True remission” is actually sustained blood values of HbA1C (long term glucose measurement) of 5.6% or below whilst using no assistance in any form, be it injectable or tablet for a minimum period of at least 3 months from stopping of medication.

When a person achieves this we believe them to be in “True remission” from the disease. This is genuinely an attainable scenario of which you can see the testimonials on our webpage and various social media outlets, this has been achieved by numerous people using our tailored NFI diet.

NFI Diet solution

The simplicity of the NFI diet is that it targets lipids in the muscle tissues, “removing” the fat from the cells using targeted chemistry which breaks down the lipid parts and then using the bodies own natural processes removes them from the organism.

The specifically tailored diet works with your body using natural foods and no other medication. Resulting in a dramatic improvement in both health and wellbeing.

The other benefits of the diet are significantly improved blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels, these in turn reduce the long term risk of other chronic illnesses.

What Client Say


I tried the diet purely for weight loss, only for a couple of weeks to see if I could benefit losing a few pounds! I did two weeks later I was 9lb lighter!


A very different diet, some of the foods are really basic but seems to work. I lost 5kg.

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